I wish someone could explain to me why I like places like this. Maybe it is the junk that I feel still has some type of value that draws me. For month, I have been dropping hints to friends to go with me to Old Car City—a paradise for photographers who want to capture images of antique cars and just pure junk.

We were driving down 411 in northwest Georgia and suddenly there it was on the horizon, and I yelled “Stop! I have to go back and see this place.” Of course it was closed but that did not keep me from sneaking a peak.

And photographing this old car grill.

Wow! This place is a far cry from the photograph of this car taken at Henry Ford’s winter home in Ft. Myers.

Along with the front door that in one place had camera spelled with a “k” I did notice that the entrance fee was $25 bucks. I asked Ken if he really paid that to go inside and he said, “Yea, me and a buddy went in one morning.” It is really hard to think of paying for something that I can photograph for free in Toccoa. (smile) And so it goes . . . .