I decided this past weekend to drive to Rome, Georgia (northwest GA), and visit the cows on the Berry College campus. I wanted  to let Chipley see cows up close. He whined and whimpered trying to be their friends but they just turned and walked away. So disappointing! But not the guy in the above photo. He’s a northeast Georgia cow and he answered Mr. Chip with a big long “mooooooo!” He also held still so I could take his photo—over and over again.

Thank you to a friend, who stopped long enough for him to see his favorite thing: COWS! His eyes were so set on the cows in the field. What a study of focus!

Then there’s a look of joy as he watches them walking up the the SUV. Oh boy! Cows! Cows! Cows!!

Even Cocoa with her “meet and greet” attitude could not entreat the northwest cows over to say hi to Chip!