Late yesterday, I received an update on Facebook from the Len Foote Hike Inn saying there was an opening for tonight (Saturday). I was so tempted to write and say: “I’ll take it!” But I’m still not sure if I’m in shape enough to make the hike—just yet. I’m planning on doing it by late Summer or early Fall. The trail to the inn is rated as one of the top trails in the country. So, it is going to be lots of fun.

Mountain Crossings is where the Appalachian Trail crosses Neels Gap. I know I make this post every winter and then again in the summer. It’s probably because I’m thinking about hiking part of the trail, too. It is located near Blood Mountain in Georgia. The only problem is the bears! Two shelters have been closed recently because of “bear activity.” No worries, though. I’m not going to spend the night out in the cold under the stars. Not at this point in time. Day trips along the Trail will work perfectly for me and also for the dogs.

I’m probably the only person alive (not really) that reads the AT trail journals that are posted online. They are fascinating to me. Almost every night, I keep up with the different personalities hiking the AT. I’ve kept a journal for years and can’t imagine a day without writing something down on paper. Life is just too interesting not to record what you have experienced. I do agree that some experiences are worth forgetting and others are worth remembering a lifetime.

This is the AT passing through the Mountain Crossings building. Notice the small writing table to the right. This is where thru hikers can leave a quick note to others, who are on the trail, or to friends who are keeping up with them.

I have shot photos of the many discarded hiking shoes outside the store. I never noticed the ones that are inside. So many people buy the wrong type of trail shoes and end up leaving them behind. Evidently, Georgia has some of the toughest terrain on the Trail.


Hikers toss their discarded shoes up into the trees. I spend lots of time researching hiking shoes and can’t begin to tell you how the wrong shoes can be the “end of things.” For example, Merrell trail shoes do not work on wet rocks, especially when you are being pulled along by a disobedient Cocker Spaniel.

I just always like to take a photo of the bay window. Don’t know why and won’t try to explain it.