Dear Mr. Cathy, I think I have found the perfect herd of Chick fil A cows, and they are located in northeast Georgia!

I grew up eating at the original Chick fil A in Hapeville, Georgia. No kidding. My Dad would take me to the Dwarf House and we would feast on Chick fil A sandwiches, fries, and lemon pie. The sweet tea was the best in the south because they used small crushed ice and plenty of sugar! Everything there is pretty much the same today. I recently ate there with my parents and we talked about how much the company had grown. It’s insane. It is a mega company and their favorite form of advertisement involves cows.

I know this probably makes no sense but you have to agree it works. In fact, it doesn’t just work it is a marketing dream! I’ve always wanted to work for the creative department at Chick fil A. It has to be a blast.


Yesterday when I passed the field in the Sautee Nacoochee Valley I couldn’t resist taking this photo. It was the cows that caught my attention.

In fact, I think these cows look pretty perfect and I am sure I could hear them mooing: “Eat Mor Chikin!”