I was at the falls (Toccoa Falls) earlier this week taking photos of two fabulous people: Nan Payne and Dan Shust. Dan doesn’t look a day over 35(!) and Nan has wonderful blue eyes. Suddenly we spotted this guy in the above photo on the rocks near the water—just chilling and catching some rays. All three of us had to investigate: Dan “had” to throw a couple of rocks to see if he would move (a “guy” thing!), and I “had” to take photos.

Here’s Nan and Dan a few minutes before we saw Mr. Snake.

I usually won’t post snake photos on this site because Chipley tells me they are creeeepy. But I thought it was worth doing just this once. I also want to pass on this warning: Copperheads are really out and about this summer. The winter was mild and the summer is hot. This guy is just doing what snakes like to do—hang out by the water and have their photos taken. (smile)