After last week’s two mile hike straight uphill, you would think I had learned a lesson. But when I saw a “short” trail that wound its way up Springer mountain and to the top of Amicalola Falls, I was off with dogs in tow. I did think to ask friends if they thought we could make it. “Sure.” And “Sure” again were the answers, but like me they were caught up in the moment of being a part of a dog pack and watching everyone be nice to one another.

Half way to the top of the mountain, we stopped for water. That’s when a lady and her son rushed past us. They only stopped long enough to tell us that they had heard a growl up ahead. I laughed, but friend Mary Erna didn’t.

“I’m worried about bears,” she said as she reached in her day sack and pulled out a huge can of pepper spray.

“Yikes!” I said. “Make sure you only point that stuff at bears!” Secretly, I liked the idea she had it with her, but I also knew that no respectable bear would come after four dogs and three screaming women!

We reached the top without incident and fell in love with the view! It was windy and so refreshing.

Here’s Michael. (I couldn’t resist posting this) He’s smiling and why wouldn’t he? He’s checking out Cocoa Joy. Several people stopped to talk with us about the dogs and we told everyone that they were all trained by the trainers at Dog School 101 in Atlanta. They’re the best!

There must have been some really good sniffs around this tree.


Here’s the take away from the day: a beautiful waterfall—one that is four times higher than Niagara. This is only the top section.


And here is the lower section. We stood in the middle at the overlook while the dogs worried about the moving water below us.

Then it was time to head out to eat dinner and home. The dogs were exhausted and I was, too. But we had tons of fun! Thank you, ME for driving north and for bringing your “Bear Spray!”