I was in Franklin County this past weekend and noticed the strangest site. . . . Well, I didn’t actually notice it a friend did. As we rushed past an open field in the middle of nowhere, she said, “Huh. There’s an airplane.” Nothing really surprises me up here anymore. I live in the country where people do much crazier things than land airplanes in cow pastures. Still, I decided to turn around and take a look at what she had spotted.

Others were doing the same thing and the above snap shot is what we saw—the crash site of an older airforce plane whose pilot had made an emergency landing due to engine failure. (The engine is now in the field behind the plane.) Those at the site told me the pilot walked away and was okay. He was on his way from Florida to Indiana when he started having problems. He pretty much dropped the airplane into this field. Tall oaks were in front of him and power lines at his back. I still don’t know how he did it.