On the way up to Anna Ruby Falls, you walk beside a rushing stream that is both fresh and inviting. You really know  that you are in a National Forest. In fact, it has the flavor of the Smokies. We give this hike a four paws because the pathway is so dog friendly and accessible. It’s a little narrow in the beginning but opens up after a few yards. The dogs had to walk quickly so they could pass other dogs without too much “back talking.”

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in northeast Georgia. But it is only one of many. This area is loaded with reasons to be outdoors! Google waterfalls in northeast Georgia and you’ll see what I mean. Anna Ruby is a couple of hours north of Atlanta. The walk to the base of the falls is a short .7 miles. There are some steep sections, but we had older people with us, and they made the trek without any problems.

Water is a good thing! I forgot the special water dispenser for the dogs but Chip “made do,” as my grandmother would have said.