If you look closely (very closely), you will see a small fish jumping out of the water in this photo.

I go out for rides in the evening just to step away from the stress of the day. How could I possibly have stress in rural northeast Georgia? Stress is everywhere these days, but I’m fortunate to live in a place where a five minute drive can leave you feeling as if you have been on a three day vacation.

Ripples are barely visible after the fish re-enters the water.

Last night, as I stopped at a small bridge that crosses a section of backwater on Lake Hartwell, I couldn’t help but smile. Ducks were honking and fish were ready to be caught. A group of fishermen, who had gathered on the bridge with lounge chairs and coolers, were tossing their lines in the dark water. They talked softly to one another and greeted me when I walked up.

I always ask: “What are you catchin?'” (mainly because it is polite to ask that in these parts). Almost everyone began to talk at once. They wanted to know if I had taken any photos at Broken Bridges, which is about a mile away, and told them I had. Then they went on to tell me they were “catchin’ stripped bass and crappy.” They were a proud group of guys. As I walked back to the car, a friend smiled and said, “That’s some good eaten’.” I love the color of this place!