I keep visiting and writing about Smithgall Woods located in northeast Georgia because it is really worth seeing and experiencing. There’s lots of streams for trout fishing, but you need to check with the state to make the right connection because the facility is privately run.

And there are plenty of nice trails for the avid hiker. Cocoa and Chip love it because there’s lots for dogs to do. I love it because it is safe and pristine. If you are up for the hike you can see abandoned mines that are a part of the Duke’s Creek mining location. Essentially, the gold rush started in this area.

Cocoa tried to pose for a photo but it’s a hard thing for her to do these days. And Chip . . . . Well, after a very long walk, he wasn’t interested in a silly camera. All he wanted to do was dive into the trout stream and lie down.

He truly is all boy and all dog!