One of the things I remember about living in Savannah was how quiet Sunday mornings were in the city. They were peaceful and in the spring time so wonderful to enjoy. After church, we would usually come back to the city where we would eat and then walk around a city square and talk about things that matter very little in the world. Then we would go home, change, and head out to the beach where we would relax in the sun and watch the dolphins play in the shallow surf.


Savannah is a paradise for creative people including photographers. I took this photo and had two other people walk up and take the same shot. SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) is located in the city. Years ago, I did some freelance work for that group. The creative atmosphere amazed me but it was not enough to lure me into studying there. That job led to a short freelance gig with the Savannah Symphony, which still provides some of my favorite memories. One in particular is of the 1812 Overture being performed at Fort Jackson at night with torches blazing and the cannons going off in the background.