I assured my friend Mary Erna that we could “hitch” the dogs to the fence at the top of the gorge, and they would be fine partly because we were right there with them, and we also were the ones that had treats and water in our possession. (There is no way Cocoa Joy would break free and leave food behind.) But the bigger reason, of course, is because they have been superbly trained by Xalina and Sandy at Dog School 101 in Atlanta.

I keep telling people that if they have a dog, they need to get in touch with these folks. They are “Cocoa Joy” approved, and they really can train your dog to heel and obey!

One of my favorite things is to walk with an obedient pack of dogs. Mary Erna reminded me on Sunday that Sandy always says, “Dogs that walk together don’t fight.” Our dogs walked together beautifully and had a great time doing it! Thanks DS101!

And here is the view from behind!