In England, there are dreamy spires atop colleges and religious buildings.  But in northeast Georgia, all we have are “dreamy” gates that guard and protect vast fields where cows roam and graze.

It is too bad that our fields are nothing like the ones in the Cotswolds, where you are welcomed by unlocked gates beckoning you to come in and follow the footpaths along a traveler’s trail. Here, the farmers put up fences and gates to keep the cattle in and sadly, people out.

At first, these young cows were frightened by Chipley’s insistent whining! He just can’t stop.

But then one of them stood her ground and became particularly curious about what I was doing. She even began to pose for the camera.

Beautiful! I just kept taking her photo because by this point, Chipley had been banished to the car. That dog really does need to own a cow, but I just don’t know how my neighbors would feel about it. So for now, he will have to be content to dream “cowdog” dreams.