We’re enjoying some warmer weather, and it is perfect for hiking at Tallulah Gorge. There are walking paths to the bottom and also round the rim. Dogs are not allowed in the bottom of the gorge, which is more than two miles long and more than a 1,000 feet deep! Hiking to the bottom is a very strenuous trek and something that requires time and being in shape. That’s my warning. I’ve done it but have really paid for it the next day. Would I do it again? Maybe. (smile)

This is a photograph of the dam at the top of the gorge. Water is spilling out of it. On the other side of it is the wonderful and very deep Tugalo Lake. It has beaches, hiking trails, and plenty of places to picnic. The trails are clean, well-marked, and safe. Cocoa and Chip love this place.

I think I have taken the photo below before but from a different angle, and I always write about how hard it is to photograph the gorge. The light ranges from very bright at the rim to very dark in the shadows.