I absolutely love the end of a day. I always have. I love sunsets better than sunrises. I don’t know why. It could be because when I lived in Savannah, several of  us would gather on the beach and sit and talk at sunset. The rich mixture of sunset colors and conversation with friends always pull at my senses.

For months, I have been driving home through the heart of the city where I live looking at the old store fronts and noticing how the old brick buildings hold onto the last few rays of the sun’s glow. I don’t know this for sure, but I bet the bricks used in the construction of these buildings were made locally with Georgia red clay. In fact, they were probably made at the Hitt Brick Yard, which was once located near downtown.

I wish I had been a few minutes earlier to take this photo because I have a feeling that this building is spectacular with the sun washing over it. The really interesting thing is that none of these buildings are alike. The details are different on each one.