I almost forgot to post this photo. I took it a week ago when I was driving home from Watson’s Mill Bridge State Park. I saw the chimney in a distant field and knew immediately that I wanted to stop. Whenever I see solitary chimneys like this one, I always wonder about the family that once gathered in the evenings in front of the hearth.

This chimney was in the middle of a very large field so I pulled over, pulled out a long lens, and began to shoot away. A few minutes later, a young man who owned the property stopped near me, let his car window down, and said, “You can go through the gate and take all the photos you want. Just close it when you leave so my cows don’t get out!” He was grinning.

Some of the fields I pass have bulls mixed in with the cows . . . . I guess that’s pretty normal, but it always gives me a weird feeling because bulls are not very friendly. They just stare at Chipley while a good ‘ole country cow tends to think he is cute.  In fact, they almost come when he whines, and he whines a lot when we drive up to a field of cows. Thankfully, I didn’t see any cows or bulls in this field. And if they were nearby, they didn’t think it was worthwhile to walk over to see me or Chip.