Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! We drove up to Black Mountain State Park where the temperature was 68 degrees. That was hard to believe, but we were on top of the Eastern Continental Divide and over 3,600 feet high in some rolling northeast Georgia mountains. “High in the rugged eastern ridge of the Appalachian Mountains, the area that comprises the park is some of the oldest land mass on earth. The roots of these mountains are probably over a billion years old, while the rocks and dirt nearer the surface were formed later. Typical of the southern Appalachian eastern ridge, the mountains are actually mostly rock, with a thin layer of soil to cover them. When these mountains were originally formed they rose five to ten miles above the earth’s surface, towering over the present day Rockies or Himalayans.”  (taken from the Georgia State Park brochure)

Cocoa posed for a photo but only after I told her that I had “treats.”

She is a gentle dog that only gets sweeter as she gets older. I think I will keep her forever!