Commencement is in the morning, and I think I have finally mastered my flash. (It has only taken me six months!) The campus is almost empty except for graduating seniors and their families. I can’t explain what comes over me whenever I attend commencement services. I cry. I want to cheer, hug everyone, and I feel a sense of relief, which makes no sense because I’m not the one who has done anything other than show up and take a couple of crazy photos like this one of one of our deans, Dr. Brian Shelton, who has a ton of titles and degrees (none of which I’m going to list on my personal Web site). In this photo he is “standing in” for the college president Dr. Gardner, who will hand out diplomas in the morning.

Serious stuff . . . I had to mind my “P’s and Q’s” and not do anything radical. I was able to do that . . . so I’m rather proud of myself. Notice the gloves these guys are wearing. Sort of a British thing, don’t you think?