John Pruitt and the WSB TV team drove up to the mountains and filmed the falls today. In June the Falls will be featured along with other Georgia destinations on a special called “Hidden Treasures in Georgia.” So for a day, guess who was a “rock star”? You got it: Toccoa Falls!

The producer told me John has been in the news business for around forty years. He was extremely kind and so comfortable to be around. I never told him that I have been watching him since I was a teenager.

Lots of light: news people with cameras love light and they even bring their own light sources. One, not in this photo, was a portable light with a huge battery pack. It was solely for back lighting.

Margaret Pinney explains to WSB-TV anchor John Pruitt what took place the night of the flood on the Toccoa Falls College campus in November 1977. Her husband lost his life but later she remarried a college alum who is a really wonderful guy.

Classic shot. I remember last year when I first started working on the campus, I loved to film the students on the rocks at the base of the falls. Everyone wants to climb around at the falls and John was no different.

Even from this point the falls are still in the background. Before the photographer arrived earlier this week to shoot B-roll, I told her that I had walked back up to the falls just to make sure that everything was okay and all was well. She laughed a little and then I realized, what could go wrong with a 186-foot waterfall. Not much, but then it is located on a college campus, which introduces an entirely new set of challenges.