These were photos taken at East Beach on St. Simons Island, which is located next to Gould’s Inlet. It is absolutely one of my favorite places on the island. I want to own a house here one day (dream only). It also is where most of the “native” islanders go to sit in the sun and read books under colorful umbrellas.

Of course, there are lots of seagulls. This guys kept following me down the beach. He would stop in front of me as if he wanted to ask, “Do you have anything to eat?” Most seagulls are only interested in the food you happen to have with you.

Finally, there are the sunsets on the island. It is hard to go to the island and not end up on the pier to watch this event. I have been going to the island since 1975 and I have never grown tired of photographing this moment. It always looks the same on film or on the screen but deep inside—where memories are stored—it never is.