Back in the late 80’s and I guess even earlier than that Eugenia Price practically “owned” E. Shavers bookstore. This is where she launched many of her book tours and where so many of her friends hung out with her in Savannah. When I’m in the city, I always  drop by for a visit and take time to drift through the rooms of books that are strung together like a strand of old southern pearls. This time I bought a small gift book for a friend and as I was checking out I asked the ladies at the counter if they remembered the “Eugenia Price days.” They immediately brightened and said, “Oh, my yes! What fun times those were.” Then they added, “Of course, you know her Savannah books are no longer in print?” I nodded a sad yes as I thought to myself, Our world is a lot poorer because Genie’s books are no longer overflowing bookstore shelves.