While I was on St. Simons this past week, I feel like I took a bazillion photos, but this one keeps coming to mind as one I want to post. The light in the trees at sunset touched my heart with a powerful sense of warmth and peace. It was good to be back on the island again. And it is always good to remember a beloved mentor, who is now with the Lord.

“My usual way with a novel,” said Genia, “is to write it all out—just get it down in a rough draft. . . . I dare not stop the writing to cut and polish. Some authors do. With me, polishing breaks some mysterious flow that I cannot explain. . . . I’m in high gear most of the time and can’t wait to put the story down. Tay [her editor] said often that she felt this method accounted, at least in part, for the fact that my novels keep a reader reading. Maybe. True or not, it is the way I work best.”