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New York, New York

I didn't get a chance to tour New York and this has been the case on other trips that I have made to this city. I have always been in the city for business only. A visit to the 9/11 Memorial was truly a moving experience. Walking past the names of the people who lost [...]

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Quick Visit to Balsam Mountain

This is one of my favorite views. This photo was taken on the porch of Beth's family mountain home. They are extremely blessed to have this house in this location! Summer evenings on this porch are spectacular! There's always plenty of wild life—tame and not so tame. This time we found a large dirty spot [...]

Before her haircut

Friends and dogs were out for an evening on the Marietta Square, and Cocoa Joy loves being with people. She has always been mischievous! Too bad I know her like a very well read book. In this photo, she's watching me to see if I'm going to tell her to stop begging the person next [...]

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