To say we have had a mild winter is an understatement. Everything is beginning to bloom now(!) and here’s a photo of my Caroline Jasmine to prove it! This is my first spring spent back at the cottage. Last year, I could only come up for weekends. But now I’m a full-time resident again. Last August, I said good bye (I hope) forever to the mind-numbing pace of Atlanta traffic.

So here’s an open invitation to all my friends, who are still in the metro area and are tired of the hour plus commute to work and back each day. There’s plenty of room for you in Toccoa! We have lots of open spaces, beautiful homes, and opportunities for hiking and kayaking and much more. While I do miss Fellini’s Pizza, Mountain Biscuit, and my Marietta Madness, I have plenty of warm moments here to enjoy each day. And there’s lots of very special people here. Plus, my commute to work is only three minutes!

So winter is fading already in the northeast Georgia mountains though I know we’ll have some more cold weather. Once February is over, we are heading into spring and the kayaks are ready to come out by mid-March. Smile!