This is one of my favorite views. This photo was taken on the porch of Beth’s family mountain home. They are extremely blessed to have this house in this location! Summer evenings on this porch are spectacular!

There’s always plenty of wild life—tame and not so tame. This time we found a large dirty spot on the floor of the wrap around porch, and we kidded Beth that a bear had been sleeping there.

Funny thing is that she has found evidence for bear visits from time-to-time. We have sufficiently scared ourselves in recent weeks as we have learned more about the increase of bear attacks in the mountains, especially in remote areas like this one in North Carolina.

I confess that I normally think of bears as being animals that steal apples from your favorite apple trees, plow through unlocked garbage cans, and nibble on berries that otherwise would be used in pies!

The late summer hydrangeas lining the front porch were beautiful. These blooms turn different colors as fall approaches—a reddish green is my favorite. This the best time to cut and dry them upside down in a dark place. Then they are ready to be used in natural arrangements for dinner tables.

Walking through the dining area, I noticed a slightly opened bookcase. Wonder who had been the last to visit it?!

I have always admired this vase. I’m not too much of a “green” person. But the color of this one is just drop dead gorgeous! I could hope that it would be “willed” to me one day! 🙂

Then there was the back porch art! I asked Beth, who was running around trying to stop a fire alarm from constantly beeping, if she had taken this same photo before, and she said, “Yes, many times.” Oh well, it was my first time!

And who doesn’t need one of these, especially if you live in the south in summer!!

Well, here’s “the spot” on the side porch! Something had been there and actually laid down! We convinced ourselves that this was the truth and all thought, Strange!

A neighbor later told Beth it could have been a wild turkey dusting off, but then it also could have been a bear!! Yikes. When she returned the next day, she did find a turkey feather near the porch so let’s hope for that scenario. =:)