A couple of weeks ago I got to visit a place that I believe is stuck in time, especially since there are so many new amusement parks today. This one is really historic because it belongs to my parent’s generation. I almost want to think that it is an old movie set but it is not. The coaster here still runs and people still come to ride!

The one in Conneaut Lake Park in western Pennsylvania is historic and ranked 5th in the United States. But I don’t know if I would ride it and I’m pretty fearless when it comes to “out and back” roller coasters. This Blue Streak was built in 1938 and is 77 feet high and 2,900 feet long. Designed by Edward Vettel Sr. (1885-1952) and builder Charles L. Beares (1902-1958), of the T.M. Harton Co. and Pittsburgh’s famed West View Park, the coaster quickly became the park’s signature attraction.

Usually, I would be the first to sign up to go but this park has seen better days. The day I was there, the park was closed but I still snatched a few photos. The coaster is under constant renovation. I noticed lighter wood in place to replace what needed repair. Today, this coaster remains one of only two existing examples of the classic coaster designer’s work, which utilizes a unique track design composed of multiple wood layers separated into two sections by horizontal cross ties. The Blue Streak was one of the first rides to be named an ACE Coaster Classic, which distinguishes those rare coasters that operate in a traditional manner.

Here a horse on the junior carousel. This one was out where we could see it but

This one was hidden under a secured building but we managed to find an open window and grabbed this photo. It was installed in this location in 1910! Seeing it was like stepping back in time.

This was our Denny Day Trip photo!

Bumper cars. Sad how reviewers of the park said that most cars did not work. I can imagine a day when this entire facility was full with families and friends laughing and having fun.

This I think this was called “Tilt the World” and it used to be one of my favorites but not anymore. Too much spinning for me now. 🙂

Photo number two with me added!

And finally the old hotel that looks out over the Lake Conneaut.