We’re still enjoying paddling on the weekends and when possible during the week. I can literally be in the water with kayaks in 20 minutes, and that is just one of the reasons that I love this area.

This past weekend we paddled back down the Tugaloo River. Time was tight and we had to be in Highlands for dinner. Smile. So we paddled down the river but then we realized the Yonha Dam was being used to release water! What a smooth ride we were having but suddenly we all came to the same conclusion: we won’t be able to paddle back up to Walker Creek.

What is wrong with me?! I do this all the time. I paddle off, there is a rush of water and I can barely get back up the river. The truth is: I hate taking a car to a drop off area down river. I just like to have everyone get in and get out at the same location, which I know sounds crazy when we are on a river.

We quickly turned around and headed up stream past our put in and on to up to another part of the river where we could hold on to the rocks and talk for awhile.

These days are beautiful. As we came back down the river, we saw that the dam release had stopped and the river was smooth and clear as glass. What a treasure this part of the state can be at times. And when it is hot, we find a way to get in the water and cool off. Wnd when it rains, we just paddle on!