I actually took this photo for Jill Shaw, who lives in England. This is a little Amish quilt shop. I’ve stopped here lots of times and always marvel at the quilts these kind people make.

Over the years, I have quietly fallen in love with the northern Pennsylvania countryside. The hills are rolling and the farms are beautiful but more and more of them are becoming abandoned and that makes me really sad. The land is still farmed and on this night, when I was here, I heard the familiar clopping of a horse and buggy heading my way. Sure enough an Amish family turned up a small rutted road beside this old farm house and heading out to check their crops.

Pat took some really nice photos with her iPhone. I told her that many people make a living with their iPhone photos and just go for it!

This stone cottage was once home to what looks like an Amish family. The curtains though faded and torn, were rolled back at an angle and the doors were pained blue—an Amish tradition. What has me wondering whether this was truly an Amish home or not is the stone. Most Amish houses are white clap wood—not stone cut from a local quarry.

Wild flowers have taken over the walkway to the old home.

And Queen Anne lace dots the landscape. I love this especially at sunset. Then I decide to explore the barn and walk a little further to the pasture.

So this is what I saw when I crested the hill. Cows! Lots of them. I wondered if they would respond the way “my” cows do in northeast Georgia? And the answer is . . .

Yes! I called out “Babies. Oh, Babies” and they came—every last one. I think I have found my profession! I’m a “Cow Whisperer!” (smile)