You can always count on the drive up to the Highlands to provide views of color. After a hectic week and half a day spent at the Harvest Festival in Toccoa, we packed up and drove north to see leaf color and also to have dinner.

I love the feel of fallen leaves around me.

There are lots of yellows this year but not a lot of reds from our sugar Maples. We have been way too dry this year. It has not really rained in weeks!

So while our colors show up looking strong on digital cameras, they are far from what they usually are.

Still, the pathways through the woods are beautiful and offer plenty of chances to go trampling through the leaves. Love the crunch under my feet!

Reflections in the area lakes are always fun to photograph.

But this is my favorite photo: the back of Anne’s SUV, which included an upside down Christmas tree stand (we’re ready for all seasons), various hiking shoes, some bitter sweet that probably cost way too much, handbags hidden from view and kept safe, light weight jackets because the Highlands are always much cooler than Toccoa; and left over shoes from summer. Mmmmm. Makes me want to ask: “What’s in the back of your SUV?!” 🙂