Beautiful Lake Jocassee will be a destination this summer with kayaks!

Pat and Chip enjoyed the view while Wessy looked for—you got it—sticks! I think we paddled one area of this lake a few years back but definitely want to go again. The Devil’s Fork State Park is large and wonderful but there is a steep entrance fee.

It’s a 7,500-acre, 300-foot deep reservoir located in northwest South Carolina—a short distance from northeast Georgia. The lake was created in 1973 by Duke Power and is known for its clean and cold Appalachian mountain rivers that flow into it. These rivers keep the water cool and clear year-round. The Jocassee Dam forms the lake and is 385 feet high and 1,750 feet long.

The Jocassee Gorge area, now 300 feet beneath the surface of the lake, was once part of the Cherokee Nation homelands near the Toxaway River. Like Tugaloo Town on the Tugaloo River, nearby Keowee Town was a major hub in the Cherokee Path that connected Cherokee towns and villages throughout the area

Early 18th-century traders worked with the Cherokee and delivered as many as 200,000 deerskins annually to Charleston, South Carolina. They also supplied the local Cherokee in trade with European firearms, ammunition, metal tools, and clothing.

Wessy always finds these sticks! This one was way too big for her but that did not stop her from trying to carry it away!

Then we spotted a rocky area that went down to a cove in the lake and she wanted to explore it so badly!

Once she did that, she was back up and on her way to hunting for more sticks! I could build a bonfire with all that she has collected.