Right, this could be our view on Saturday as we climb our last mountain in the challenge to hike six mountain peaks over 6,000 feet before the end of the year! This is a photo taken a couple years ago at Roan Mountain and Carvers’ Gap, which is over 5,000 feet.

I keep watching the forecast for the area where we’ll be, and some say snow will fall on Saturday and others say snow next Tuesday. We’ll be back by then, but you certainly can’t count the upper elevations out for excitement.

The weather matters; we don’t want to do slip and slide up and down a wet mountain, but I’ll do it, if necessary. One thing we know for sure, below at the Balsam house the temps will be around 40 degrees but UP on the mountains (with wind) that are over 6,000 feet will be firmly in the 30s, if not lower. I’m already packing my suitcase and so far it’s full of dark, warm clothes, long fleece lined underwear, and wool hiking socks.


So, why do I do these crazy adventures? It’s simple: right now, I know close to 20 people, who are battling cancer in some form. Many think their diagnosis is the end of the road for activity and it’s not.

Recovery takes time, but you must fight for your strength to return and increase. I’m still fighting the good fight! Remember, I’m the person, who had chemo nurses that told me to do whatever I felt like doing. “Go for it. Don’t stop!”

One in particular encouraged me to keep hiking and paddling. So, you should never stop living for today and tomorrow! You have a purpose and there’s a plan (Jer. 29:11)

My doctor just looked at me and told me I was “strong.” Crazy. The nurses knew what they were talking about. We all are strong in various ways, especially when you reach deep inside and believe that you can!

I dropped in this photo just simply because I love the fence line! LOL!

And this one is here, because I met some really cool through hikers on the AT at the Gap. This means that this photo was taken in very early spring about two years ago (my hair is long and not gray!). When through hikers leave Springer Mountain on their way to Mount Katahdin in Maine, there’s an excitement in the air. These guys were willing to pose for a photo but then they were quickly off to conquer Roan Mountain.