Sheer disappointment filled my heart as I walked this path. I had wanted to complete the Six Peak challenge but was denied the opportunity because the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed due to icy conditions. A large metal gate with a  “Road Closed” sign stretched across the roadway and sort of meant what it said!

The start to the day was late so there was not enough daylight left to switch directions and find another mountain that we could reach before dark. That was it: opportunity lost.

I confessed to a friend that I was heartbroken, and solely disappointed; she reassured me I would hike the sixth peak in due time.

So, here’s the tiny reason the Parkway was closed. Little flecks of snow. Sigh. The road were clear and not even damp from the rains the day before. We drove right up to the gate where people were leaving their cars and hiking in to the area where I wanted to be.

But the hike to the trail head of Sam’s Knob was three miles from the closed gate. Then we would have had to hike another two miles to the top of the mountain—or something like that. That just wasn’t going to work.

The anniversary date for my last Chemo is in December and I believe I will get the hike done before then. I’m not one to stop or abandon a goal unless there’s risk of life and limb! Neither of those are going to happen on the hikes we have chosen. So, blah. I have to get beyond it and this post is helping me.

We did hike some of the Mountain Laurel trail that slowly climbs to the base at little Sam’s Knob, but we turned around because the day had ebbed away.

Nothing too much here worth noting. I felt like throwing rocks!

The group shot that was supposed to be taken on the top of Sam’s Knob just didn’t happen.

I did stop to take this photo of some guys fishing for trout, but realized that I was just going through the motions. I wanted to be on top of the Bald and I was in the valley! Until next time!