Wow! Chip, the cow dog, usually doesn’t get this close to cows simply because he has this crazy love for them. I hesitate to let him walk with me in the fields because I’m afraid he would run up under the hoofs! And besides, dogs and cows can be very messy.

Last Sunday, I went back to photograph the Cows that belong to the Cox family, and Chip and Cocoa went, too. Cocoa wanted to be somewhere else, but Chip was in his element but his “element” stayed on the other side of the fence because . . .

You never know who is watching! Like Charlie. He divided his time between Chip and me and never really moved toward me but did check Chip out.

When it was time to leave, we closed the gates and said good bye to all the cows that were by now intent on watching our every move.

This little girl followed me as I left. The baby cows are the best!