I love taking off on a Sunday afternoon and driving up to North Carolina, and Dry Falls is always a favorite destination. But it has been years since I have walked down the steps and stood behind the falls. Last year, I was in the middle of Chemo treatments and knew that even though the trek was short, I couldn’t make it. This year was different! It was as easy as a hop, skip, and a jump!

I refuse to look at the photo and write about Robert Frost and a “Yellow Wood” even though this is the main color that is visible so far this year. I do remember the first time I saw these falls. I was working and living in Atlanta and often would make the drive to the mountains on the weekends. I finally decided to move here!

I have always thought Dry Falls was a part of the water falls featured in the movie The Last of the Mohicans. I was wrong! But some of the scenes actually were shot at smaller, nearby Bridal Veil Falls.

Cute college-aged students stopped to talk with us and ended up taking our photo. Anne seemed uncertain what they would do with her jumbo iPhone and I smiled as one of them started flipping dials on the back of my camera while telling me that she was taking photography in college!

Anne and I covered our cameras for the trip behind the falls. It’s a pretty big water fall; and of course, the reason it’s called “Dry Falls” is because you can walk behind it and stay relatively dry.

Love wide-angle photos and . . .

Love the gathering of the simplest of things—like fallen leaves!