I really can’t get in the field with these cows. Why? Because suddenly, they have become my 1,600 pound friends! When they were younger, they were easier to manage but now they have become too happy when they see me. Blessing or Curse? They immediately come up to me and want me to rub their faces. They come closer and closer until they are all but over me. I’m sure that cows are not concerned about the size difference. These cows just want to get closer.

And closer, if possible.

It’s not just one that is happy to see me; it’s the whole lot of them! All at once and all together. Their owner has treated them like pets. He wasn’t with me on this afternoon, but he did pass by and wave. As I waved back, I noticed there had been a breach in the fence sometime earlier. The fencing had been freshly repaired. I really don’t think “barb” wire is a threat to these cows. I have noticed places in the fencing before where they just seemed to “pop” through it.

As they pushed against the fencing the other night, my dogs barked wildly behind me shouting a warning. I heard the fencing popping and making strange noises as if the entire fence would just give in. Thankfully, it didn’t while I was there.

I noticed a black cow with a white blaze doing something a little different. She had been eating the blackberries near the fence line, but suddenly her interest had expanded. Yikes!

She was after was my trusty over-the-shoulder camera bag! Before I could push her back, she licked it to pieces! When licking failed to be good enough, she decided to snatch it and carry it off to a “cow place” that I don’t want to think about—not now and not forever. Actually, she was quit handy because within seconds she had the bag in her mouth and was backing up with it.

“No, you don’t get to do that,” I snapped while pulling the camera bag back. Have you ever wondered what a camera bag feels and looks like that has been totally “slimmed” by a cow? Not pretty, not pretty at all.

After a few minutes of playing tug-of-war, I decided it was time to take my toys and go home. The sun was setting and it was getting late, but as I walked away . . .

I couldn’t help but notice the disappointment on the faces left behind. We were separated by thin fencing, but all of us had fun. Cow Time in Stephens County!