Black Rock Mountain State Park is easily one of my (quick) favorite places for me and the dogs to visit. Yesterday, when I started out, I didn’t realize that rain was headed that way. Well, it rained some and then stopped. A sign of rain in the mountains is the fog. These are the foothills to the Blue Ridge mountains—green and lush.

We drove quickly to the lake below and actually thought we could get a short hike in before the rain hit. That was not going to happen. But the dogs did rush to get in the water to chase the ducks.

Sometimes, I wonder if I have a good brain. After they both messed around awhile, they were covered with sand and were wet to the bone. Yahooo!

Still my totally sweet Cocoa Joy, she continues to smile at 13! (She wasn’t as wet as Chip, who was dog paddling in the lake.) He’s a total water dog!