Saturday was a good day. I didn’t have to have Chemo the week before.  The doctor thought my white blood count was too low but what we figured out was that someone calculated the numbers wrong. While this “missed visit” added one to the ending of my treatments, I was glad to have “time off.” This meant I wasn’t as tired on the weekend and could have at least one ride out into the country.

We chose to go to a small market where Lenea was set up with her soap and knitting. In this photo she’s talking to one of the Craven brothers, who once owned Craven Pottery. Below is the finished result of her handiwork for me.

I love the fall colors—like a basket of falling autumn leaves!

Pat purchased this mixing bowl, which has an actual impression of Queen Anne’s Lace on the side. This is a really cool bowl.

Anne bought this little painting because it reminded her of Cow Time!

Speaking of that: This girl thought it was a painting of her, and she wanted to know if she could have it in her barn area. (Smile!)