For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to go some place in the mountains on New Year’s Day or at least by the following day. Fort Mountain was once my goal destination. I always headed north with the dogs in tow but that’s too much of a trip now. Plus this year, Cocoa was recovering from a major operation.

So we headed to Grove Park Inn and prayed we could land a place in front of one of the huge fireplaces where we could sit and rock the afternoon away.

After lunch, we headed into the main lobby where fires were burning and the atmosphere was winter warm.

After a few minutes, Anne secured four places and the two of us saved seats just like we used to do in church until the rest of our group arrived.

I started visiting Grove Park back in the ’80’s while I was in college, and it has always been a magical place in the sense that it is older and a mountain retreat.

It always seems to call out to me to stop and sit awhile longer. (Smile)