I can’t believe it is 2017! So many times when we drive up to Neel’s Gap around New Year’s, the weather is wild and cold. Last week, it was foggy, wet, and misty. Still this is one of my fun places to photograph in all types of weather.

We’re definitely ready for a little snow. Usually this trail is covered but this winter has been warmer than most.

I think I have shot a photo of the bay window over looking the patio area every year for the past several years. Many times, snow covers the tables outside on the patio but not on this day. It was just wet and messy. In a couple of months, hikers from all over the country will descend on Mountain Crossings as they climb Blood Mountain and attempt to walk the 2,100 miles to Maine along the Appalachian Trail.

This is actually part of the AT. It goes straight through Mountain Crossings at Neel’s Gap.

This is the AT in “dead”winter without any of the wild flowers that usually dot the landscape.

Stark contrast in summer!

For now this section of the Appalachian Trail through Georgia remains closed due to the recent wild fires. In fact, we saw some of them still burning on Blood Mountain!