After church on Sunday, we dropped by Diane LeCroy’s small farm and got to pet the animals. Her granddaughter Kelly raises and competes with these animals. She showed me a photo of all her ribbons that she has won over the years and I thought, Wow! The goat in this photo is pregnant and we’ll get to see the baby or babies in March. Exciting!

Sweet baby. Notice how dry the ground is. Cattle farmers are having to feed their herds in Toccoa because there is just nothing on the ground to eat! We need rain.

Anne kept her Sunday “heels” on and that was interesting because all the animals suddenly became very interested in shoes.

Here’s the little pig that will grow up to be a hog and will compete to be a star! To quote the movie Babe, “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

He was just a cute baby. I asked if she would end up being bacon one day; and sadly, I think that will be the case once she finishes the competition trail.

Pat and Diane Lecroy talk about the little pony that no one can ride.

She came up to me and wanted to see my camera. Cool. I put it on “P” and let her take a couple of shots!

I think she knows who fills her food bowl!

Nooooo! He’s too cute to become bacon! Say it won’t happen!