A pretty fierce storm hit the Toccoa area on Saturday evening, and we had plan to paddle to a home for dinner Lake Yonah. When we arrived at the boat dock where we launch the kayaks, we discovered the storm knocked out the power to the entire lake. One man told us that living through it was the worse 20 minutes of his life! Yikes! That was bad!

I love paddling out of this cove. It is beyond peaceful and it’s so sweet.

Of course, I paddled past the lake house that several local artists have painted over and over again in and out of every season.

Anne stopped long enough to line up a photo of the house. The little cove in front of her appears to be a safe harbor, but I noticed that several large tree limbs were down in the water.

We paddled on even though we knew that everyone would be just sitting around or swimming in an effort to stay cool. This is the upper view of the dam and the power plant.

We paddled our way on toward the party and several other boats pasted us. People were  out checking on others and the damage. This group also was enjoying an evening on the lake.

We were not “washed ashore” but we definitely stopped for a few minutes to drink water, and eat cheese and crackers before paddling back. There was no music or live band. No food but a nice view!

Later and before we left the area, we drove up to the dam where water was being release under and over it. These (old) Georgia Power dams are almost romantic in nature simply because they were built so long ago and mean so much to the communities surrounding them.

YonahDamWebHere’s a photo of the dam when it was under construction in 1925.