Last Sunday, we drove up to Sautee to have lunch outside but that was not going to happen. Instead, we had to settle for a table inside and looked through a rainy window wishing for sunshine!

On the way home, we caught some rays by photographing roadside flowers. Daisies are great subjects, but I never shoot them straight on. It’s always off to one side. They are flowers with attitudes! These have rain drops on them.

This guy could be shot straight on because he insisted on posing for the camera and even winked at me. The others in the group couldn’t “care less.” They were wind blown. =:)

Then there are the steady ones—mountain flowers that are sturdy and enduring. They are natives and probably were along the Unicoi Turnpike in the early 1900’s. This is where they remain today. Mountain Laurel much like this would have been there for sure!