Long Nose Falls is a hidden destination on the South Carolina side of Lake Hartwell. We go there on Memorial Day with Kelly as he leads us along his history tour. I keep telling him that I think he has an “event” and I do. Last year over 75 people traveled with us down the Tugaloo River.

I hope that number grows and grows. It is always fun to get out on the river with people we know.

Anne Shurley paddles up to the falls. The mist was really cool on this day, which was May 2. I think this is the earliest I have been out with the kayak—mainly because I have a sit-on-top. (smile)

I posted this on Facebook earlier but thought I would make sure Beth had a place in this post. She has fallen in love with this sport and she should. The lakes in northeast Georgia are beautiful. I’m really grateful to the Lord for allowing me to continue to enjoy this area—an area that at times feels worlds away from Atlanta.

When you look at this scene and think about paddling up this river, you know it really is worlds away.

The greens of spring and the reflections of a clear stream. Fluffy and fuzzy blooms danced across the river top.

Hey, this scene is worth a pause and a second look.

And I always have to take a “selfie” because how else will I get into this post, if I did not snap my own photo!

A collapsed mill is a reminder of the history of this area. It’s once well-used mill stone is still in place.

Then we have to stay good bye and paddle back out toward the lake.

But not before we take a parting shot.

And not before we snapped a photo of the beautiful Mountain Laurel.

The lake level is up; and if the corps of engineers allows it to stay, we’ll have a great paddle in a couple of weeks.