I really don’t think you can see this same site in the city though most of the people, who come up here to trout fish are from Atlanta. I have to admit this causes me to feel invaded! I love leaving the city behind, but I’m sure Abby Jackson feels the opposite since her business relies on people from “the city” traveling to Blackhawk Fly Fishing.

Abby is the owner of Blackhawk Fly Fishing (catch and release), but certainly knows her way around her original Farm-to-Table cooking. This huge brown trout was reeled in the day I was there and I have never seen one this size! The fact that it’s a Brown Trout is very special. It’s native to Georgia and its numbers have been dwindling in past years.

I thought this photo was pretty cute. The guys were like two little boys checking things out. One had just caught a huge trout!

He posed for a photo and then released his prize back into the stream.

The Soque River is naturally beautiful, and I think this spring it will be a river that I’ll have to kayak! You may even remember seeing it on The Georgia Traveler.

And I love this cool collection of flies!