The end result of Sunday’s very muddy and root-filled hike was a really cool view of Hemlock Falls. It is beautiful, but I have seen it with much more water coming over it. Still, it was a fun hike with the dogs and friends.

One thing is certain: the hike won’t disappoint you, if you are looking for a hiking trail that is dramatic, bold, and not very difficult. The hardest part was not falling while being pulled along by a very happy and glad to be here Cocker Spaniel.

We made it and as usual: I tried to take Cocoa’s photo and she turned her head.


Poor Chippy had to wear his gentle leader to keep him in check and not pull someone down a set of rocky stairs.

Holly actually happily posed for Anne on top of the trail marker.

There is plenty of wild and native Rhododendron on a trail that is just less than a mile long.