This was probably Evelyn Forrest’s favorite place. I’m sure she loved the power and magnitude of the larger Toccoa Falls but this is the place she often hiked to as a place of retreat. It is tucked neatly into a rocky hillside at the end of a wooded pathway that winds its way beside a beautiful mountain stream. She called it Glenn Falls after a small stream that ran through land near her family’s farm in Appleton, Delaware. Those who live hear the area call it Little Falls because there is a smaller falls to the right of this photo. She would often gather a group of friends and hike up to this area where they would open a picnic basket that was filled with tea cakes and hot tea complete with china cups and saucers!

As I took this photo, I wondered if Evelyn picked wild flowers like these for her tables at Forrest Cottage.

I have no idea what this little guy is—none!

The rocky path near the stream was stunning yesterday. We were walking in a light shower that was laced with sunshine. It was hot, humid, and wonderful—all at the same time.