If all goes well, we’ll soon meet our goal of paddling all the Georgia Power lakes. Lake Raburn is the only one that we have not paddled, and we’ll try that before fall grabs us and the lakes cool down. Lake Seed is a beautiful narrow lake that is located below Lake Burton and just before Lake Rabun. The Georgia Power folks have a really neat little boat ramp available that makes access to this lake easy.

The little dock is perfect! Notice how clear these lakes are. There’s lots of fish (Lamar)—perch, bass, trout, and something else that I forgot. We did run into three guys fishing, and I think I definitely saw one with a trout. I can spot Rainbow Trout a mile away. I always tell people that eating grilled trout is better than eating steak!

We were in love with this lake from the moment we paddled out onto it. And yes, it looked like it was going to rain but it never did. These clouds were hanging over the lake below us, which is Lake Rabun. Instead of heading toward the rain and thunder and lightening, we prayed and paddled to our right to the northern part of the lake.

The sun was out and the lake was dreamy.

I was amazed by the boat docks on this lake. They are so cozy and looked as if they belonged to an earlier date in time.


So sweet and hidden.

I think an artist lives here. The person had painted two paintings of the moon with Balsam trees. (smile) I told Anne that she needed to paint one for her dock since she loves to photograph the moon and does so well with it.

Incredible how these two always look “cute” for the camera.

Anne loved the lake and discovered that she had a watercolor of the area that was painted by a local artist.

While I was paddling, I began to notice some of the things that were abandoned by time. Here is a once well-used dock. It is small but in my writer’s mind I can imagine a time when children and grandchildren played here and jumped in sleek wooden canoes and paddled off. Now the pathway up the hill is overgrown and the dock is no longer used. Sad.

Also abandoned is the swimming area that is closed for the season. Memorial day was the last day for it to be used, and now it is quiet until the end of next spring when laughing children and beach balls and random colored floats return.

Without a doubt, fall is already on its way.