My view is quite different in the city. In Toccoa, the cows are in the fields; but in Atlanta, they can end up on the front of a refrigerator like this soft-eyed guy.

And tonight while friends in Toccoa gather for the Taste of Toccoa—an outdoor event that always attracts lots of people—I’ll be gathering my thoughts and wondering what in the world I’m going to do with these photos. It is truly my “tale of two cities”—small town verses uptown.

The sign reminds me that everything will be okay; but in a small town, people would put a Scripture verse at the end of the sentence—just so you would know it is real. Perhaps something like Philippians 4:6-7 would work. (smile)

Then I guess this “city” photograph sends a message to all of us who have faced a layoff and lived to tell about it. You can always “bloom” somewhere.

Finally, even the dogs look different in the city. It’s the eyes—a hypnotic stare that seems to be looking for a good hiking trail or something worth chasing—something like maybe the black bear or the deer that stroll across my yard in Toccoa.