Sharon Morden recently celebrated a birthday and we just kept the celebration going for another week or so. This time we were at BJ’s in Toccoa—a favorite place of locals.

While we were there, this wonderful older lady dropped by our table to talk for a few minutes. She had been watching us at a distance and saw that we were laughing and talking deeply with one another. After a few minutes of conversation, we realized that she was alone and only wanted to visit with us. She was delightful and told us she was from New York. She’s also British and Irish. That point was very important to her.

And of course, I had my favorite breakfast. Glad I only do this once every two or three weeks.

Donna, who was with us, had an omelette with a stack of jelly for her toast.

Later, we drifted down to the antique store where Sharon tried on hats! Cute!!