Here’s a view from the upper floors of the Paulding Hospital designed by CDH Partners. It is scheduled to open on April 1 and I shot over 600 photographs of the facility this past week. I stay torn between my work here that I love more each day and the place I love in northeast Georgia—my weekend place for now.

I think you just can’t find better designers than Sara and Paulla but they are pretty tired in this photo. Paulla, especially, was in deep thought about opening day and all that still needed to be done.

I’ve shot this photo so many times over the past year the difference is that before it was under construction. This hospital will be one of the first totally digital facilities in Georgia. And it is super clean. WellStar added unbelievable equipment to purify the air in the hospital destroying hospital born infections. I wouldn’t hesitate to be a patient in this facility.

And it is pretty but more than this photo shows. Lots of glass bringing the outside inside and adding lots of natural light throughout the hospital, which Paulla says enhances healing and lifts the spirits of patients and loved ones.